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32, Woman
Montreal, Quebec / Québec, CA

Personal Information

I am an out going person who is simply lookin for a someone to have fun with, I really just need to find a real down to earth man who isnt afraid to go out and have some fun!!!! My idea of a fun date is going out to a bar and having a drink but staying away from Drama. I really enjoy just going anywhere and doing anything as long as we are having a good time and you can make me smile. I dont like guys who act like a b***h!!!!! I need a real man some one who isnt affraid of what other people think. I have never really been into the type of guys how think their s**t dont stink, I like bad boys!!! wink wink... But I think you should know that im not at all affraid to kick a b****es ass for hitting on my man!!!! I my self am a really out going person who is down to do whatevers.. If we were to go out on a date, to be quite honest our first date would most likely be with me and some of my friends because if you dont get along with my friends you are not very likely to get along with me. I do like to party but im not the type of girl who is going to get completely trashed and make a fool of her self or anyone who is with me. If I think you are a real friend I will have your back to the fullest but if I think you a acting fake you best believe im gonna be the one to call you out!!! I tend to speak my mind and sometimes it gets me in trouble but never anything me and my sister cant handle. Im not the type of girl you can just buy my love or friendship!! I will always speak whats on my mind and if you dont like it.... So What!!! I need a person who I can trust and talk to who I know wont stabe me in the back. Well lets just say that I have met one to many people that I thought I could trust and well I guess I was wrong. So be true to me and I will be true to you, Dont try to play games with my head because I do believe in KARMA!!! What comes around goes around! Well if you have any more questios feel free to ask.  

I am seeking:
5' 6"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Clerical (Office/Shop)