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34, Woman
Manassas, VA, United States

Personal Information

I am energetic. I do not like ordinary and monotonous life.Attractive, charming, dependable, very caring and tender. I have a great sense of humor, my nature is easy and mild. I like to care for my man and I like to be cherished by him. I am very optimistic lady, and I have wonderful life. But I want to be happy; for me it means to find that special man who will tell me- I want to make you happy. I do not like to waste my time and I try to fill my schedule completely. I respect and love my close people. I always value my friends and I am glad to good new acquaintances with clever and honest people. I am emotional, sensible and sometimes hot-tempered person. I value in people ambition, wit, kindness, self-confidence and self-respect. I do not like lie, irresponsibility, insolence, anger, envy and hypocrisy. I can forgive almost everything, but if someone hurts me, I will be more and more further of such person. As for my hobbies: I like reading classic, some magazines, newspapers to know more and more something new, being together with my friends, swimming, dancing. All of this helps me to relax and makes my mood better. I like visiting exhibitions, theaters, cinemas, museums. My favorite holiday is my birthday, because I like getting presents (as far as I am the only child in the family, I got used to attention, but nevertheless I don't consider me to be selfish :)) and also giving them, because they give a lot of happiness. 

I am seeking:
5' 9"
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Body Type:
Not Working