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47, Woman
Metairie, LA, United States

Personal Information

All the poetry and sweet talk is fine for girls. But, I am a real woman and I have real needs...... Are you the man to make them a reality?...I want a wonderful deep voice to whisper to me in the night. I have been lonesome for to long... I am fun, smart, witty, with a beautiful smile. I like to be Romantic sometimes. Does anyone out there kiss or hold hands any more? Candle light dinners and evenings are fine. I like real conversations. I like men who can tell the simple truth about them selves or situations. If I want lies I can watch some politican on TV. I don't cry over broken nails or spend hours getting ready for a date. I normally look pretty good and can clean up fast. I can go to the Country Club or to a little club in the country. I don't mind doing things on short notice, but do love the anticipation of a weekend date. I can be flexible to things if needed. Yes, I am a real person. Are you ? I am so tired of fake people waisting my time. I wonder if I were to put on here that I am a good, respectable woman, with a need for passion in her life. That loves Sex but, has had few lovers. Trying to go it alone in the real world with a child. Do you think anyone would write? 

I am seeking:
5' 8"
Hair Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Eye Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Body Type: