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28, Woman
Washington, DC, United States

Personal Information

The way I see it...I'm kind of a quirky person who always looks for the funny side of things. Even if it's not supposed to be funny and sometimes if it's in bad taste I'm still thinking of the witty remark. I believe there is a humorous side to everything even if it's bad. That's why I usually keep my mouth shut. But believe me...I've already thought about the punch line. I think that if it's innocent, why not? I like to have fun and everyone knows I like to walk on the sunnyside of the street. Sometimes you have to laugh at the same things that make you cry. I'm told that I say what everyone else is thinking but nobody says. I have no filter. I'm not talking about being blunt, it's more about stating my observations that I find so simpe and objective. I have no skeletons in my closet for the same reason that I can't keep my mouth shut.  

I am seeking:
5' 5"
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