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40, Woman
Chicago, IL, United States

Personal Information

I love the simple things in life, and I hate drama. I don't like it when things get too complicated. Life shouldn't be complicated, it should :) I'm very outgoing, and I love to have a good time. My friends and family are a huge part of my life. I would be no one if it weren't for all of them. I love ice cream, anyone who knows me, knows I can eat it...breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Love is the most important thing in life, and I truly feel that everything happens for a reason. I have the biggest heart, and will do anything for those I care about. I will go far out of my way to make my friends and family happy. I want to be in the sun....all the time! I love to go out, but am completely happy staying in. I love to laugh. I'm grateful for every amazing thing that I have been given in life. You must live everyday like it's your last, because you never know when it will be. I am always smiling :) I talk....a lot! But I am a very good listener! I don't hate myself when I make a mistake, because I have learned from every single one of them. I love thunderstorms because they scare me. I love anything that scares me, is that weird? I hate being mean. I am energetic and bubbly all the time  

I am seeking:
5' 4"
Hair Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Eye Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Body Type: